Not the average freight fowarder.



DOT Express provides huge range of packing services. Our personnel are highly professional in packing field.

Our special skills are to customize cardboard boxes according to customer's desire in any shape which is a exclusively new service in Bahrain. 

Just let us know our your desired dimensions we'll customized the box as exact as you want.

Full range of wooden packing is available at your door step if you are moving your sensitive stuff nationally or internationally. 

We supply packing material like Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and foam just on one call. 

Our customers can approach us for any specific packaging idea to bring it into a physical shape.

If you are  travelling and worried about your sensitive and fragile items please contact us to pack your stuff amazingly to them have a safe and unbreakable happy journey. 

Please contact us for further discussions. 



International Cargo & Courier Service


DOT Express offers International deliveries and pickups worldwide. We transport your important documents and parcel rapidly, safely and confidentionally. 

Our International transit time is as faster as any well known high profile courier company offers and some places we are faster than them.

We understand the importance of Speed of shipment's transportation to destination that all of our customers expect from courier company, we follow your each and every shipment during transit by keeping close eye and update customer accordingly. 

If you have excess of luggage upon your travel and not willing to pay huge amount of transportation at airport we can manage to carry your luggage at cheaper cost and faster way. 



Domestic Cargo & Courier 


We offer local Pickups and deliveries anywhere in Bahrain. Place the order and relax, leave all responsibility on DOT Express which will make sure it is delivered at its earliest. 

Give us a call to make arrangement of pick and deliveries at your suitable time.



Special Service


DOT Express happily present a new type of amazing service that no local courier service company provides in Bahrain. 

The service provide highly confidential handling and transportation of your personal Documentation and precious parcels with sealed bags and boxes. 

Customer's signature at package's seal will be sign of high security handling directly from your hands to assigned receiver's hand. 

Nobody can unsealed the packages except the assigned person by sender so there is no chance of mistake at all. 

You will enjoy 100 % confidentionally transportation, mental satisfaction and peace of mind by this service. 


We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
Scheduled Deliveries

Do you need to pick up or deliver something at your desired Day/Time to within Bahrain? 

Use the Scheduled service and take advantage of the reliability of DOT Express to be there every time for the pickup and the delivery.



Seasonal Deliveries

Seasonal deliveries service like gifts, flowers is available to bring smile at your love one's face. 

We can store your gift items or wishes card till the due date. You don't have to worry about remembering the occasion Day, let this job done by DOT Express. 

Surprise them with Love Gifts and wish them. 



Business Support

Considering the market's need DOT Express offers business support to your Online business by providing Speed Transportation and lower cost. The most importance point is on time updates of progress so DOT Express go behind all of your packages and update you with the latest to build strong business relationship. Customers can discuss their needs and we'll try our level best to meet your their expectation. 


Free Shipping Consultancy

We care our customers, if you have query or question regarding national and international shipping please don't hesitate to contact us to get better advise about rates, routes, packing and documentation. Our Team is pleased to help you.  

Air freight forwarding:

DOT Express can arrange worldwide Airfreight forwarding upon request.